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2016’s Jewelry Wedding Trends at Pawn Shops in Vienna

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Pawn shops have always been a great go-to for traditional wedding jewelry; think lots of diamonds and pearls. But this year’s hottest trends are a far cry from your grandma’s wedding jewelry, but maybe not so far a cry from the other stuff in her jewelry box. Here’s some of what’s hot for 2016, and you can find any or all of it at pawn shops throughout Northern Virginia.

1) Green! That means emeralds and jade! With its striking contrast to white and its beautiful complement to ivory, green is a perfect choice for outdoor weddings, where it will fit right in with the natural surroundings.

18kyg Green Zircon and Diamond Pendant

18kyg Green Zircon and Diamond Pendant

2) Chains: Minimalist gowns demand busy jewelry, and chains are a perfect way to mix up stones and precious metal for stunning effect.

3) Estate jewelry. Natch.

4) Something blue: Okay, this has always been in style but it’s never before referred to jewelry. Sapphires, topaz, tanzanite, moonstone—any one of them will fill the bill. (And while we’re being honest, you’ve probably noticed that with green and blue both being hot, it’s really all about color. Red is right up there with the hottest wedding jewelry trends of 2016, so if you’re splurging, rubies are always a gorgeous choice, and a wise investment for the future.)

Vintage Two Tone Carved Sapphire and Emerald Diamond Earrings

Vintage Two Tone Carved Sapphire and Emerald Diamond Earrings

These days, bridal fashion is about just that—fashion—which means that brides are choosing what they like and feel good about, rather than adhering to some stodgy standard of what they should be wearing. If you love pearls, go for it (and we’ve got those, too), but if you want to make a statement, come and visit us at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue.

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