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About the Pave Diamond Jewelry you Find in Northern Virginia Pawn Shops

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

When you see jewelry that looks as though it’s almost entirely made of diamonds, not only might you think how awesome it would look if you were wearing it, but you also might wonder how that look is achieved. It’s very likely pave diamond setting, which is the result of a piece of jewelry being covered with dozens of precisely spaced, tiny diamonds so much so that the metal beneath barely shows through. You can see several examples of this at our store, Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue.

14kyg Diamond Pave' Thoroughbred Pin Pendant Combo

14kt Diamond Pave Thoroughbred Pin Pendant Combo

With pave setting, the diamonds are held in place with tiny prongs and small beads, and they are so close together that it’s hard to tell where one stone ends and another begins. Indeed, from the French word for paved, gems in this configuration resemble a dazzling street of stones. This is different from channel setting, which you often see with wedding bands, and which sets diamonds flush between two strips of metal. The result may be that channel set stones are more secure, but the result can’t compare to the overall sparkle of a pave setting!

Ladies 18kwg Pave' Diamond Puffed Heart

18kt Pave Diamond Puffed Heart

two tone Double sided pave diamond hoop earrings

Two Tone Double Sided Pave Diamond Hoop Earrings


Despite the beauty of pave jewelry, the setting is the least secure, so if you opt to buy one of the gorgeous pave pieces you see on your next trip to buy jewelry in the DC area, make sure your insurance policy is up to date, so that you can show off your new piece worry-free!

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