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Big and Bold Earrings at Pawn Shops in Northern Virginia

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Statement earrings are all the rage, but if you’re still wearing diamond studs for every occasion, the only fashion statement you’re making is “I’m boring.” Big, bold, earrings are back, and we’ve got an assortment to choose from at our pawn shop in Vienna, VA.  Any of these eye-catchers will uplift your ensemble more than a bracelet or necklace ever could and, in fact, it’s not unusual for them to be the focal point of your entire look.


Lagos Earrings


Dweck Earrings

A quick look at recent runways, and you’ll see that some models have earrings that skim the shoulders, but if you’re not ready to go quite that bold, when you buy jewelry in Vienna, VA, look for designs that pump up color and size without weighing down your earlobes. Our designs from Dweck and Lagos are the perfect start—oversized pearls, bold gold, smoky topaz all in sizes that will leave your studs in the dust.


David Yurman Earrings

Dweck Chalcedony earrings

Dweck Chalcedony Earrings

Earrings are the best way to get acquainted with bolder styles, because you can experiment with color, size, or both. Bonus: bold earrings go great with any hairstyle and accentuate your face, and isn’t that what you want people to be looking at? Come on… we invite you in to our pawn shop in northern VA and try on a pair…

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