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Browse Unique Right-Hand Rings in our Vienna Estate and Jewelry Collections

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Right-hand rings have become even more popular as women realize that they don’t have to diamonds and that you can own more than one. Unlike engagement rings, right-hand rings are adornments women buy for themselves, as rewards for independence and good fortune. For a while, it was all about the diamond but why stop there? When you’re buying for yourself, you can pick out anything you darn well please—indeed, that’s the best part! For breaking from diamond tradition, Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue always has eclectic selection of beautiful right-hand rings in various price points.


Diamond and Emerald Ring


Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Stackable rings are all the rage, which means you can not only own more than one right-hand ring, but can wear more than one at the same time. Gemstones are replacing diamonds as a way to make statement that isn’t traditional, because colored stones run the rainbow, and look great alone or as accents to diamonds. You can choose birthstones, or just a color you like. And, if modern rings aren’t your thing, estate collections often yield unique pieces that will both catch eyes and start conversation. And where better to find estate jewelry than at a pawn shop in Vienna, VA, where our inventory is constantly being updated and renewed. Stop in; you never know what you might find for your right hand.


Ruby and Diamond Ring


Ruby and Diamond Ring


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