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Buy Actual Vintage Jewelry at Pawn Shops in Vienna, VA

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Vintage jewelry is so popular that jewelers often manufacture lines to mimic vintage styles. And, of course, what they mimic are the most popular trends within the vintage aesthetic. Yes, vintage jewelry is timeless, but there are always market trends. So what’s selling well in vintage? One only need look to runways to see. And then shop for jewelry in the DC area to find examples to browse and buy.

This year, romantic designs are on the best-seller list. That means dainty pieces like drop earrings, and items that represent classic femininity, like pearls. Anything that has intricate design that reminds you of days gone by will fit the bill.


Vintage Yellow Gold Citrine Briolette and Pearl Lavaliere

Next up are minimal designs, and, given our current contemporary aesthetic, this isn’t surprising. While these are in direct contrast to the romantic motifs, they’re just as popular as an echo of modern style. Look for metal with simpler designs to be up on this vintage trend.

Art Deco is back, and is trending particularly with big stones and geometrics. In a way, this is the perfect combination of the romantic and the minimal, which is probably how it found its way into current fashion. (Trends very often make obvious sense!) Art Deco is a great blend of antique design and modern sensibility.


Vintage 14k Rhodolite and Garnet Belcher Ring

Last, but not least, for 2016 is the resurgence of the cocktail ring. Wear it on the middle finger for a bold statement. In truth, all vintage jewelry makes a bold statement, because it’s so individual. That’s why we’re always on the lookout at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue for the pieces that we think our customers will like best. Come in and take a look.

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