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Buy Bridal Gold Jewelry in Vienna

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

We can no longer assume that a bride will be dressed in white, wearing her grandmother’s pearls. Brides have finally discovered that on their biggest of days, they not only can – but should – present a look that reflects both their personality and taste. And you can find pieces from classic to full-blown diva at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue, Mcclean, VA. Vintage pieces, tiaras, brooches, big earrings – they’re all under today’s bridal umbrella, and you can often find unusual items in pawn shops in Northern Virginia.

Strapless, V-neck and halter gowns are the perfect showcase for a stunning bridal brooch or necklace, perhaps one with an eye-catching back dangle that will be in view throughout the ceremony. A pendant or Y-drop is perfect, as long as it’s kept at about 18 inches, so as not to crowd the neckline; chokers are a funkier alternative. If your dress has a lot of neck detailing , reduce the décolletage clutter by wearing a tiara or playing up earrings instead.


Pearl Pin or Pendant


Diamond Pendant

Brides are eschewing the staid look of studs for the dynamic shimmer of dangle earrings. Romantics go for floral and leaf patterns that present a smooth, flowing line, while the modern betrothed choose sparkly jewelry with harder edges. Your style will dictate the length of the dangle, from petit-drop to dramatic chandelier.


Pearl Earring


Hoop Earrings

If you’re going sleeveless, don’t forget about your arms. A pearl cuff bracelet is a modern nod to the traditional, while gemstone and diamond bracelets worn over gloves or on bare wrists present some stylized chic.


Diamond Bangle


Star Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet



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