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Buy Jewelry Vienna, VA – Tanzanite Jewelry

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

If you are buying jewelry in Vienna, VA, there may be times when you’re in a blue mood. Or purple. Or a bluish-purple. Or even a nice lavender. Thanks to this truly interesting gemstone, a single Tanzanite may take care of all your favorite gemstone color needs!


Diamond and Tanzanite Necklace, Only $2,000


Tanzanite Ring, Only $495


Tanzanite Ring, $495


Tanzanite Bracelet, $550










Tanzanite’s history is quite fascinating.  Tanzanite was found in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania, near Kilimanjaro. The first tanzanite crystal was found by Ali Juuyawatu, a Masai tribesman. Compared to other gemstones, tanzanite is a newbie in the world of gems. It was first discovered in 1967, less than 50 years ago.

Tanzanite has quickly taken a top spot in popularity among gem lovers around the world. Thanks to its fame, it was the first gemstone added to the monthly birthstone list by the American Gem Trade Association since 1912.

Today, lovely tanzanite is a favorite gemstone. And happily some previously-loved tanzanite has found its way to Vienna Jewels, a pawn shop in Herndon, VA. Check out the great selection above. Stop by and see the selection at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue. You may also visit them online or on Facebook. Come by and check out the blue — and purple — and violet!

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