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Buying Diamond Jewelry from Pawn Shops in Northern VA

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then a diamond necklace certainly gives the relationship the attention it deserves. Astonishingly simple and superlatively stylish, the diamond solitaire is an essential accessory that shows off this white hot stone to its most brilliant advantage. From Paris runways to park playgrounds, diamond solitaires are everywhere, a testament to both their popularity and versatility. And we’ve got an ever-selection at our pawn show in Vienna, VA.


Diamond Solitaire Pendant


Diamond Pendant

Multiple-carat diamonds are currently in high demand, because their size does not interfere with the simple solitaire styles; even the most magnificent stones are appropriate for everyday wear.

And rounds will always be popular, but shaped stones allow for individual expression. Square-, emerald-, radiant- and oval-cut designs glitter glamorously for the traditionalist; the more daring may choose kite, bullet, half-moon or even animal shapes. If you search pawn shops in Vienna, VA, you never know what diamond jewelry you might find.

Personal taste is best expressed with the setting, what truly sets one solitaire apart from another. In yellow gold, white gold or platinum, classic prong mounts allow light to hit the stones from all angles, stepping up the sparkle. Though by definition, solitaire means “alone,” smaller diamond accents or cluster settings add additional flair.


Diamond Fashion Pendant


Diamond Fashion Pendant

Bezels create a modern, streamlined look because the settings are molded to fit unusually cut stones or used to position the diamonds at different angles. Diamonds set in platinum or white gold bezels can actually look larger, and some pendants even feature several bezel-set stones joined together. An added bonus of the bezel setting? It holds the diamond more securely than any other, creating a smooth style with no risk of prongs catching on clothing, or becoming loose.

As practical as it is glamorous, the diamond solitaire necklace is more than just a trend. So classic and enduring a gift, the woman who receives it need never take it off. Shop in Vienna for jewelry of all kinds, including diamond pendants.

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