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2017 Trend Watch: Stacking Multiple Rings which can be found at Pawn Shops in Northern VA

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Great news! When choosing your hand-fashionwear for the evening, you no longer have to limit your selections or worry that wearing too many rings will create the wrong kind of attention. Making your hands attention-getters is the whole point of wearing multiple rings, and if you need more in order to keep up with the style, pawns shops in Northern Virginia are a great place to start.

White Gold Rubellite and Diamond Fashion Ring

Then, once you’ve got a bunch of rings to choose from, figure out your best multiple-ring style using a combination of large and small, and precious metal or gem rings. You’re looking to create beauty and balance so there are a few guidelines to think about not just when you’re choosing which rings to wear, but also when you’re buying; not all rings are going to be worn on ring fingers. If you need help with sizing, stop in and see us at Vienna Pawn and Jewelry on Maple Avenue.

Yellow Gold Emerald and Diamond Fashion Band

First, it doesn’t matter which hand you wear the rings on, but to get the best look, it might matter which fingers you wear them on. The biggest, gaudiest rings should be reserved for thumbs and index fingers, which can handle the bulk. Wear statement rings on your pinkies, where they’ll be seen, and wear smaller bands (even with small stones) on middle fingers where they won’t be competing; knuckle rings work great on the middle finger, where they’ll break up the symmetry. And don’t worry about wedding and engagement rings; leave them on your ring finger and they can mix right in!

Mixing and matching metals is perfectly acceptable, but think complementing (bronze and brass, silver and steel) rather than clashy contrast (take it easy on gold and silver; maybe just one of the alternate color). Your stack rings will only enhance this trend, so pull them out. And also, if your rings are the focus, don’t go wild with your manicure color, and avoid sparkle in the polish. Play around until you find an arrangement you like; then change it for next time!

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