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How to Set an Engagement Ring Budget
By Vienna Jewelry, May 4, 2017
This morning, before I sat down to write this post, I came across an advice column letter from a newly engaged woman whose fiancé bought [...]

Learn About Diamond Carats Before Shopping For Jewelry in the DC Area
By Vienna Jewelry, April 27, 2017
It’s the day you’ve been waiting for, the last day of our four-part discussion about the four Cs so that you can best fit your [...]

Learn About Diamond Color When You Shop for Jewelry in the DC Area
By Vienna Jewelry, April 20, 2017
No, we’re not talking about colored diamonds, but the third C in our list: color. Even though colored diamonds do exist—in yellow, pink, blue, and [...]

Discovering Cut at Northern VA Pawn Shops
By Vienna Jewelry, April 13, 2017
In our continuing series on helping you buy the best diamond for your budget, this week we talk about Cut, one of the four Cs, [...]

Understanding the First C – Clarity – When Shopping for Jewelry in the DC Area
By Vienna Jewelry, April 6, 2017
The four Cs of diamonds—clarity, color, cut, and carat—were introduced in the mid-1900s and provided a universal tool for evaluating the quality of diamonds, even [...]