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Gold Jewelry in Vienna – David Yurman Designer Jewelry

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

David Yurman jewelry is distinctive and often combines elements of fashion and art. Really, that’s no surprise.  Yurman and wife Sybil are both artists; he a sculptor and she a painter. The jewelry that the company produces reflects their combined gifts and delights the wearers.

The story goes that Yurman’s jewelry was recognized by a gallery owner when he spotted it being worn by Sybil Yurman. He asked about purchasing the piece and the David Yurman jewelry business was born. The brand launched in 1979 and today is sold, worn and loved worldwide.

Possibly the best known look of David Yurman is the Cable. It was introduced in 1983 and remains popular today. Many of the style below incorporate a portion of the famed cable design. Vienna Estate and Jewelry, a pawnshop, Herndon, VA, has a good selection of David Yurman jewelry on hand, thanks to their estate buying. Here is part of their David Yurman treasure trove (one that grows and changes daily):


David Yurman Diamond Earrings


David Yurman Pave Earrings


David Yurman Smoky Topaz Ring


David Yurman Black Onyx Ring


David Yurman Buckle Bracelet










Yurman’s process is hands-on at each step. From the initial design to the sketch through to the finished piece. Quality is key, from the choice of metals, gemstones and the creative materials his designs utilize.

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