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DC Area Pawn Shops Offer Pave Diamond Earrings

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Diamond jewelry is classic and beautiful, which is how it’s maintained such steadfast popularity over time. Engagement rings are still primarily diamonds, past/present/future necklaces were first designed with diamonds, and diamond earrings are still being touted as the jewelry staple every woman must own. But what if you would love to have a pair of diamond earrings in your jewelry box, but they’re just not in your budget? The answer: pave.


White Gold Diamond Pave Inside Outside Hoop Earrings

Set like stones on a road (thus the name, although with a fancy accent aigu), pave diamonds are set closely to cover the base metal in a coat of sparkle. It looks stunning, totally satisfies the “must have diamonds” need, and, yet, because the stones are so small, the cost is so much more affordable than larger stones, particularly a high-quality diamond solitaire. And yet, there’s no denying the sparkle. What’s more, if you shop for diamond pave earrings at pawn shops in Northern Virginia, you’re likely to find even greater savings!


18K White Gold Diamond Pave Fashion Earrings

Now that you know you can afford to buy pave diamond earrings when you shop for jewelry in the DC area, you should know that because they are so small, they’re also a little more fragile. Never wear them if you’ll be engaging in vigorous activity, and remember that they may need more regular cleaning if dirt gets into the tiny spaces. If you love your earrings, remember that pave settings are also used in rings and pendants, so keep an eye on our inventory here at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue.

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