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Debunked! Myths about Northern VA Pawn Shops

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

If you’ve never stepped foot in a pawn shop, you’re likely forming your opinions about them from their depictions in movies and on television. Unfortunately, the most regular customers at pawn shops—shoppers looking for value or people needing fast loans—aren’t as dramatic as thieves and addicts looking to score money for a fix. Here’s a few other myths about pawn shops in Vienna, VA:

MYTH: Pawn shops are seedy places of ill-repute.

TRUTH: They are clean and legitimate retail establishments. Stop into Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue and see what we mean!

14kwg Fancy Colored Diamond Fashion Ring

14kwg Fancy Colored Diamond Fashion Ring

MYTH: Pawn customers are criminals and sleazeballs.

TRUTH: Pawn customers are people who don’t have a relationship with a bank and need money. Or people who like to browse a variety of items in one place; pawn shops often have things traditional retail establishments don’t.

MYTH: Pawn shops are full of stolen merchandise.

TRUTH: Pawn shops are actually a horrible place to bring stolen merchandise because of the meticulous records these operations keep. Thieves who bring merchandise to pawn shops usually get caught.

Platinum Diamond Cross

Platinum Diamond Cross

MYTH: Pawn shops are full of junk.

TRUTH: Would that make much sense? Why would a pawnbroker give someone a loan for a piece of junk? It’s in a pawnbroker’s best interests to only take items that have good resale value. How else would they stay in business?

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