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Diamond Accented Jewelry at Pawn Shops in Northern VA

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Everybody loves diamonds, but not everybody can afford them—at least not in the big and dazzling sizes. But the smaller diamonds are, the less they cost, because they are more plentiful, take fewer cuts, and can hide flaws more easily. But they can still beautify a piece of jewelry with their simple cuts. As such, you’ll find them used to accent gold, precious gemstones, or silver in everything from pendants and earrings to tiebars and cufflinks.


White Gold And Diamond Fashion Bracelet

Usually triangular, rectangular, or round, less visible accent diamonds don’t need to have as many facets as their larger cousins; small stones—often .1 to .2 carats each—may have as few as 16 facets as opposed to a full cut stone with 58.  The ideal accent diamonds are small enough not to attract attention, except to the focus of the jewelry.

Unusual Vintage 18kyg Enamel Diamond Tie Bar

Unusual Vintage 18kyg Enamel Diamond Tie Bar

Because most people pay attention to the big stone, or the precious metal, very few customers concern themselves with accent diamonds and their quality—but they should.  Do the stones all look the same size? Do you see any damage to them? Is their color uniform, i.e. are some yellower than others or, if they’re accenting a larger diamond, is there a dramatic difference? For larger accents, check the clarity. Just because accent diamonds can cost less doesn’t mean you want a piece where the jeweler unloaded his junk diamonds in the accents. If you want to learn more about accent diamonds, ask us at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue.

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