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Discover Channel Setting Jewelry at Pawn Shops in Northern VA

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

There are many reasons to choose a channel setting, which places stones—usually round, though emerald, oval, square, and baguette cuts are also seen—in a trough-like (or channel) setting, so that the stones are flush with the shank. First, it’s a secure setting that prevents the stones from snagging or being pried loose from prongs. Second, it makes use of small stones that might be of a bit less quality. Third, it’s a stunning effect because the stones appear to be floating and, as no metal is between the stones, the setting produces the maximum amount of light.


14k White Gold Diamond Fashion Bracelet

When you shop for jewelry in the DC area, you’ll see that the channel setting is popular for wedding bands, engagement rings, and stackable rings (where the settings coordinate easily, rather than clash). But even though all channel settings have the setting itself in common, they don’t have to result in predictable design.  The channels can be shaped to curve around a center stone in a ring or pendants. In bracelets (as the one shown here), the channels can be separated into flexible segments, or form rows in a cuff. The size of the side bands on the channels can be widened or even taper. The stones can be any color (or even alternated) or size (within reason!). With princess cut stones instead of rounds, you can fill the channel without gaps between stones, so the jewelry looks diamond-encrusted and remains equally secure.


14k Two Tone Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

For its practicality and beauty, channel settings are classic, seen in antique and modern jewelry alike. We’ve got plenty of examples here at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue; come on in and take a look!

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