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Discover Tie Bars When You Shop in the DC Area

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

If you caught that photo of our president with this tie TAPED on the flip side, you know how important it is to learn about tie bars. Not only do they hold the tie in place with a little more class than tape, they’re a genuine way to demonstrate your fashion sense. A tie bar wins over a tie tack, because it doesn’t put holes in your ties, potentially damaging them and pulling at threads—that’s what some dapper gent figured out when he invented it in the 1900s.

Vintage 18kyg Enamel Diamond Tie Bar

Tie bars come as slides or clasps; both work, so which you choose is just preference. They also come flat, or with dimensional design details; again, pure preference, and you’ll see plenty of examples of both types when you shop for jewelry in the DC area. Glossy or metallic finishes are most popular, but beyond the metal, options abound; just take a look at these gems we’ve got at Vienna Jewelry in Maple Avenue. But be careful your colorful tie bar doesn’t clash with your tie, or even your clothes!

Yellow Gold And Platinum Ruby Stud Buttons

To look classy in a tie bar, never let it be wider than the width of your tie; that looks ridiculous. And where to put it? Between the third and fourth button of your shirt, the sweet spot for the marriage of function and fashion. Don’t mess with this rule—unless you’re wearing a jacket or cardigan that’s button above the third button; in that case, you get move the bar up a little so it will be seen. And that’s it—there couldn’t be a simpler way to be classy!

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