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Enchanting Emeralds at Pawn Shops in Northern Virginia

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Emeralds were first mined in Egypt from at least 330 B.C.; Cleopatra was said to be enchanted by them, and today, we’re just as powerless to their delicate beauty. We often have a fine selection of these brilliant green gems at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Ave, because, well, we can’t resist them either!


18K Emerald and Diamond Cocktail Ring

10K Emerald and Diamond Cocktail ring

10K Emerald and Diamond Cocktail Ring

The emerald’s green color comes from chromium, vanadium, and iron that are present in the mineral beryl. Varying degrees of these elements affect the color, which his considered one of the most important determinants in an emerald’s value (bluish green to green in medium-dark to dark tones are best), but clarity is close behind. Many emerald inclusions, or flaws, can be seen with the naked eye, so it’s not enough for an emerald to have a rich verdant hue; the stone must have a high degree of transparency to command to dollar. Because emeralds tend to form six-sided prisms, they are best suited for, naturally, the emerald cut, which works equally well in pendants, rings, and earrings you’ll find when you buy jewelry in Vienna, VA.

18kyg Enameled Snake Ring

18K Enameled Snake Ring

18kyg Emerald and Diamond Fashion Band

18K Emerald and Diamond Fashion Band

Emerald’s lush green color makes it the perfect birthstone for May as a symbol for spring’s birth and renewal. The stone also is imbued with several myths, which add to its allure. It’s believed that looking upon emeralds can soothe the eyes, ease childbirth, ward of evil spirits, bring eternal youth, and cure a host of diseases from depression to intestinal issues, as well as ease stress and bring power. In other words, emeralds can do everything and look good doing it! See for yourself at pawn shops in Vienna, VA.

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