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Find David Yurman Pieces at Pawn Shops in Northern VA

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

David Yurman’s distinctive sculptural designs are easy to spot, and you’ll spot them often when shopping for jewelry at pawn shops in northern Virginia. A Long Island, New York native, Yurman met Cuban welder and sculptor when he was only sixteen years old; from Gonzales, the would-be jewelry designer learned the techniques that influence his work today. Later, he apprenticed with sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, and worked for other sculptors throughout the sixties. These experiences also inform his work and also led him to meet Sybil Kleinrock, his would become his wife and, later, business partner in the David Yurman Company, which they founded in 1980.

Sterling Silver David Yurman Silver Ice Thoroughbred Diamond Ring

Sterling Silver Diamond Ring

Sterling Silver David Yurman Albion Rose Quartz and Diamond Ring

Sterling Silver Albion Rose Quartz and Diamond Ring

Many of Yurman’s pieces, including those you see here—and which we have at Vienna Jewelry in Maple Avenue—make use of Yurman’s signature cable design, which was first introduced in 1982 in a bracelet: a twisted helix with gemstones. The bracelet and designs in the same family are called “Renaissance,” and the hallmark style is a design connection throughout his collections.

Sterling and 14kyg David Yurman Cable Earrings

Sterling Silver & 14kg Cable Earrings

Sterling Silver and 18kyg David Yurman Diamond Buckle Bracelet

Sterling Silver & 18kg Diamond Buckle Bracelet

Of course, that’s not all the artist can do. He’s won awards for use with gold wire, pearls, as well as at least two lifetime awards. Check out his signature style when you browse for jewelry at pawn shops in Vienna, VA.

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