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Find Diamond and Ruby Jewelry at Northern Virginia Pawn Shops

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

As we’re fond of saying, you can never go wrong with diamond jewelry, and the sheer number of all-diamond pieces we regularly have here at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue is testament to that. But diamonds also make statements about formality, romance, and more that is replaced by festive sophistication when some of the piece’s white stones are replaced with red ones. It’s holiday time!

White Gold, Diamond, and Ruby Fashion Ring

Don’t think for a second that adding colored rubies will diminish your piece; comparable quality rubies are actually more valuable than diamonds. But you can certainly replicate the look with less expensive rubellite (red tourmalines), and none but the most expert would be able to tell the difference. You might also want to explore pink stones from the ruby family, which will cost less than their red counterparts, and create a more delicate contrast to the white diamonds.

White Gold, Ruby, and Diamond Cluster Ring

On the flip side, because rubies are so expensive, July birthday people may have trouble finding affordable birthstone jewelry. Pairing smaller rubies with diamonds (even smaller ones, which, can be lesser quality when cut small) is a way to still honor the birthstone tradition without breaking the bank. And, as always, jewelry—including diamond and ruby jewelry—is going to be much more affordable at pawn shops throughout Northern Virginia than it will be retail. Here at Vienna, we seem to have had quite a few diamond-and-ruby combinations come through late, so stop by when you’re shopping for jewelry in the DC area.

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