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Find Kwiat Pieces at Pawn Shops in Northern VA

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If Kwiat isn’t synonymous with diamonds in your mind, it’s because the nearly 110-year-old company wasn’t always in retail. Family-owned since its 1907 inception, the company was primarily private label. It wasn’t until around the turn of this last century that the company became a high-end brand offering collections, bridal jewelry, and one-of-a-kind items that can cost millions. Now, it’s not unusual to see Kwiat represented on red carpets—or in pawn shops throughout Northern Virginia.


White Gold Black Onyx and Diamond Necklace by Kwiat NYC

Still, the company is entirely family run, helmed by co-presidents Lowell and Sheldon Kwiat, who work with four family member partners to deliver heirloom quality design and style that has served the jewelry industry—and, more importantly, customers—for eleven decades. While every Kwiat piece is stunning and features the highest quality diamonds, the Vintage collections is a mix of old style and new aesthetic to create pieces of delicate beauty that will remain forever classic.


18wg Black Onyx and Diamond Necklace by Kwiat NYC

Many of these incorporate the colored stones that figure so prominently into antique and vintage styles. Black onyx is a particular favorite, as the contrast with the stunning white diamonds creates eye-catching beauty that elevates any ensemble. Though Kwiat pieces aren’t inexpensive, we at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue are happy to offer them, and, as always, at prices far less than you’ll find in retail outfits. Take a look at the delicate detail in these pieces and you’ll be an instant fan; the vintage Kwiat style is as distinctive as it is beautiful.


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