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Find non-traditional wedding bands at pawn shops in Vienna VA

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

For more and more couples, traditional gold or diamond-and-gold wedding bands aren’t reflective of their unique relationships. For second marriages, many couples even eschew the engagement ring, which allows for more freedom in choosing wedding bands because they aren’t restricted by matching needs. Often, couples don’t even find the need to match each other, but instead choose rings that align with their own personal styles and tastes.


Sapphire and Diamond Band

Diamond band round and baguette

Diamond Band

Where to find the nontraditional? You could go the designer route, but that can be overly expensive, and requires that you have an idea of what you’d like. We suggest pawn shops in Northern VA, which have an ever-rotating stock of unique pieces that you won’t likely find in traditional jewelry venues.


Emerald and Diamond Ring


White Onyx Ring

From inexpensive statement bands, to jewel-encrusted beauties, shopping for nontraditional bands might require some nontraditional shopping.  First tip: don’t go in asking for wedding bands. Something about those words is going to put diamonds in your face. Just look for rings you like, and don’t put limits on yourself; this ring is going to mean whatever you want it mean no matter what combination of materials and stones combine to make it. Take a look at the varied options we have right here at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Ave. When the right band speaks to you, you’ll know it!

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