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Find Prom Accessories at Pawn Shops in Northern VA

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

You know how hard it can be to find just the right prom dress, the one that will make a statement, won’t cost too much, and will have no risk of being duplicated by your worst enemy come prom night? You can not only buy prom dresses and even shoes at pawn shops in Northern Virginia, but you can also buy accessories that nobody else will have and that look gorgeous and cost less to boot.

Pawn shops carry gold, silver, and colored gem jewelry to accessorize with any dress you might find either in the shop or elsewhere (don’t forget those consignment shops and antique stores!). There are often even complete sets with necklace, earrings, maybe even a bracelet. Here a few simple tips for accessorizing your prom gown:

White Gold Diamond Locket

White Gold Diamond Locket

1)  Contrast is amazing. If your gown is a solid color, pick gemstone jewelry that doesn’t match for extra eye-pop. But if your dress is patterned, choose simple, neutral jewelry.

2) Mind the dress’s style and choose jewelry that doesn’t compete. High-necked or halter dresses don’t need necklaces to compete; choose statement earrings instead. Conversely, strapless dresses look great with neckwear.

Vintage 18K Yellow Gold And Jadeite Buddha Pendant On Chain

Vintage 18K Yellow Gold And Jadeite Buddha Pendant On Chain

3) Everything looks great with black! So if you’re the type who wants the jewelry to be the focus, let the little black dress be your back drop and go for broke!

Buy your dress first, and then shop for jewelry in the DC area, making sure to hit pawn shops along the way for unique finds and great prices.

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