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Find Rainbow Jewelry at Northern VA Pawn Shops

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Of course diamonds will never go out of style, but if the recent trend toward colored stones in engagement rings tells us anything, it’s that they no longer have a lock on any jewelry purchase.  That’s good news for colored stone lovers, who know that, while rainbow jewelry is a timeless look that has been around forever, its popularity is currently on the rise. And if looking at diamonds makes you think of ice—like the cold variety outside—donning some rainbow jewelry is like wearing a harbinger of spring. Come into Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue, and see what colors we have to brighten your day.


White Gold Multi-Colored Sapphire Open Heart Pendant

If there’s anybody happier than consumers about this trend, it’s designers who can be infinitely more creative when they have a larger palette to choose from.  Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines, opals, and less expensive garnets and topaz, create eye-catching designs that are about more than brilliance and dazzle.  What’s more, valuable gemstones can be subject to the same type of grading standards that diamonds are, which means they needn’t ever be viewed as diamonds’ “cheaper” cousins. This has led to increased consumer confidence and, consequently, increased sales of colored stone jewelry.

Ladies 14kwg Multi-Colored Stone and Diamond Fashion Ring

Ladies 14kwg Multi-Colored Stone and Diamond Fashion Ring

Because colored stone and rainbow jewelry popularity has shifted over the eras, it was always being made, which means you can often find antique and vintage examples in pawn shops in Northern VA that you can’t find in traditional places you shop for jewelry in the DC area. But if you like something, grab it—it may not be there when you get back.

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