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Amethyst, the February birthstone, can’t help but be eye-catching when its glistening purple hues beckon from earrings, rings, and pendants. But when you shop for jewelry in Washington, DC, and an amethyst takes your breath away, it might interest you to know exactly what you’re looking at.

As quartz family members, amethysts are naturally created rock crystals. These purple stones range from light lilac to nearly black (the deeper shades are more valuable), and are said to prevent overindulgence in everything from love to drink. Ancient Greeks actually made drinking vessels from amethyst in the belief that it would prevent intoxication (one wonders both why they bothered, and how often they needed to be disproven!); today, it is still nicknamed “the sobriety stone.” Medieval European believed the purple gems to have both protective and healing powers, and often wore them into battle.


Amethyst Ring


Amethyst Ring

Today’s new-agers take the ancient beliefs even further, and imbue amethyst with psychic and spiritual healing powers, crediting it with the ability to calm and soothe, even help navigate grief. Amethyst is said to promote connectivity to other planes, and spiritual awareness.


Amethyst Ring

Amethysts are also symbols of royalty, spirituality and piety, and have adorned both castles and churches, and the jewelry of kings and bishops.  In less formal designs, they are just as spectacular, as you’ll discover when you shop for amethyst jewelry at pawn shops in Vienna, VA.

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