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Go for the Gold When You Shop for Gold Jewelry in Vienna, VA

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Jewelry is often considered a luxury, but opulence doesn’t have to preclude practicality. Today’s trend toward bolder, more elaborate pieces means it’s easier than ever to choose golden gifts that make stylish transitions from morning to evening. No longer content to save their best pieces for special occasions, jewelry lovers are wearing their favorites every day, all day. When you buy gold in Washington, DC, don’t forget Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue.

The ultimate in versatility is the classic gold piece—only the clothing requires changing. A floating heart with diamonds is simple enough for jeans, elegant enough for a little black dress. Solitaire diamonds on omega chains accessorize business suits and ballgowns with equal flair. Ditto for gold hoops and bangle bracelets—in yellow or two-tone gold—now especially chic when studded with diamonds or colored gems. Channel- and pave-set diamond hoops, as well as the perennially popular diamond studs, are truly multi-faceted pieces.


William Ruser Cuff Link Set


Seidengang Bracelet

Fashionable wide gold omega chains make smart businesswear accents, but elegant enhancers transform them into exquisite evening accessories.  Enhancers can cover the chain entirely, or act as a drop. Large colored stones—the bigger the better—often in unusual shapes, create sought-after, one-of-a-kind looks. Some gold pendants even accommodate interchangeable gemstones — wear a citrine on a silk chain by day, and quick-change to a black onyx on a gold chain for evening. All the rage, gold chokers can be trimmed with jazzy rondels or slide pendants, making them casual or dressy as one chooses.


David Yurman Diamond Ring


Sarah Jane “Saint Otis” Frog Earrings

Convertible jewelry is an even less complicated option. Simply remove a pin pendant from a lapel after work, and slip it onto a gold chain to head out to dinner. Conservative bejeweled pendants (even hearts or crosses) perfectly accent business dresses, but open up to dazzling pieces that adorn the entire decolletage. Even rings are being designed to double as pendant enhancers. If it’s versatility you seek, let our pawn shop in Vienna, VA show you a gold mine of options.

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