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Gump’s Artisan Jewelry Finds its Way to Pawn Shops in Vienna, VA

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Clear across the country, Gump’s in San Francisco sells everything from home décor to its exquisite artisan jewelry using the brightest gems and precious materials. Gump’s has been a San Francisco staple since 1861, when Gertrude Gump began the business, along with Solomon and Gustave Gump. Over the years, the enterprise survived the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, and the Depression to remain an American name synonymous with both elegance and its city of origin.

18K Lavender Jade Drop Earrings by Gump's

18K Lavender Jade Drop Earrings by Gump’s

Along with crystal, gifts, bedding, and home and office décor, Gump’s jewelry continues the company’s fine traditions. Gump’s jewelry is marked by unusual designs and bold colors—even items categorized as diamond or gold feature bright gemstones and precious materials that become focal points for the pieces. In fact, it was when Solomon’s son, Abraham Livingston, rebuilt Gump’s after the earthquake, that he began to source new items from the Orient and fell in love with jade. (Gump’s once had an entire room devoted to jade!)

18kyg Carved Lavender Jade Pendant by Gump's

18kyg Carved Lavender Jade Pendant by Gump’s

Today, Gump’s employs a full-time gem curator, whose job it is to find the exceptional stones that are then given to the jewelry team who decides how to best incorporate those precious finds into the gorgeous designs you find not only in San Francisco, but also in pawn shops like Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue.

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