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Heart Shaped Jewelry from Pawn Shops in Northern VA

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Heart jewelry is trending for 2017, not just for little girls, but for women of all ages, even those who have resisted heart jewelry for years. If your mind is still picturing those cutesy lockets of yesteryear, take another look at the sophisticated heart styles that jewelry designers are rolling out—and have been rolling out—to pique your lover’s fancy.

18k Yellow And White Gold Diamond Heart Earrings

First off, let’s talk about diamonds. Once a heart is full of diamonds, we’re no longer talking about something a little girl can be trusted with—um, wear. Diamonds encrusted in pave stones, diamonds matched with colored gems, hearts made up entirely of diamonds, and diamonds matched with precious metals are just some of the modern love designs you’ll see when you shop for jewelry in the DC area.

White Gold Pave’ Diamond Puffed Heart

But grown-up designs aren’t the only thing driving the heart trend. A newfound love for traditional symbols of all kinds means an uptick in stars, moons, eyes, wishbone, and, of course, hearts. While charm bracelets have been fighting for their share of the market, charms themselves are gaining popularity, but worn singularly, on pendants. Hearts are part of this style trend, so whether you’ve got some neglected heart jewelry in your jewelry boxes, or you need to get out and start browsing pawn shops in Vienna, VA, get ready for Valentine’s Day not just by wearing your heart on your sleeve, but on your ears, your fingers, or around your neck. Spread the love!

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