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Hoop-de-hoop: Hoop Earrings at Pawn Shops in Vienna, VA

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Somewhere along the way, some judgmental people—probably in the sixties or seventies—decided that hoop earrings were somehow an indication of questionable and unladylike character. Can you imagine anything so ridiculous? Hoops have survived so long, they’re classic—you might even call them a retro classic—and anything available in diamonds can’t be trashy.


White Gold Diamond Pave “Inside Outside” Hoop Earrings

Aside from being classic (which means foolproof), they draw attention to your face and their round shape complements jaws and cheekbones. Plus, they come in all sizes! So take that perfect accessory and bedeck it with diamonds, and you’ve got a winner that you can wear with just about anything. Bonus: diamonds hoops draw attention from all angles, especially when they’re like a larger eternity band—all dangle and dazzle.


Diamond Hoop Earrings

As with all-metal hoops, hoops with diamonds come in all sizes and thicknesses, and adorned with diamonds in a variety of shapes and settings. Diamonds can be mere accents on gold or silver, or stud the entire way around. The more slender, the more casual the look, because it’s an accent not a statement.

If you have multiple piercings, play with diamond hoops and a diamond or colored gem stud, to get even more glitter in your glamour. Choose your diamond hoops wisely when you shop pawn shops in Northern Virginia. They won’t go out of style, so you need to love them for a long time.

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