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Hunt Flora and Fauna at Pawn Shops in Vienna, VA!

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Everything old is new again, which means that flora and fauna jewelry is back in demand for 2017. This is amazing news for jewelry lovers who love to browse their favorite pawn shops in Northern Virginia, because if anything is a mainstay of estate jewelry inventory, it’s those quirky animal and flowers designs that perennially pop up with enamel, gemstone, and precious metal configurations for all budgets and tastes. While there are no birds, bees, or flowers that won’t comply with the trend, word is that the bigger and more outrageous the better.

Vintage Yellow Gold Enamel And Pearl Pin

The great thing about such a flexible trend is that it can apply to any piece of jewelry: rings, bracelets, choker, pendants, and especially brooches that can be worn anywhere, even on a chain. You can even “bunch” your own flowers by mixing and matching in appealing combinations on fingers, wrists, and lapels. Find some flowers in rose gold, and you’ll be doubly fashionable.

Vintage Enameled Snake Ring

Butterflies and dragonflies still hold sway, and all the world’s creatures are fair game, but believe it not, it’s snakes that are topping the list. Perhaps it’s their flexibility—their coily nature makes them great for bracelets and rings like the one you see here—but these slithery creatures are making a comeback. If you don’t like them in a real life, can you see your way clear to sporting one as fashion statement?

We love that these styles are back in vogue, because you’re sure to find so many stellar examples when you visit us at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue. Vintage jewelry is rife with these designs, and you can be sure they’ll be unlike those you find when you shop for jewelry in the DC area.

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