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Mixing Metals with your Jewelry from Pawn Shops in Northern VA

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

So what about it? Can you or can’t you mix metals—white, yellow, and rose gold? Can you do it every day or just on special occasions? And what are the rules? First off, of course you can mix metals. There may have been some antiquated rule once but, as you know, in fashion, rules are always meant to be broken. Not only can you mix them in separate pieces you’re wearing, but if you take a look at our inventory here at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue, you’ll see that many designers mix metals within the same piece of jewelry. So if they can do it, why can’t you? (Consider that nobody really wears “sets” of jewelry anymore either.)

Yellow And White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow And White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

If you’re mixing your own pieces, stacking is a great way to go. Bracelets and rings of different shades work well together, and necklaces do, too. When it comes to the “matching” part of mix and match, the key is keeping the styles the same; don’t wear a big chunky chain in white gold next to a delicate chain in yellow, or even wear that big chunky white gold chain with delicate earrings in another hue.


Vintage Ladies 14k Rose and White Gold Hand Chased Bracelet

Also keep in mind the ratio. If you’re accenting with a contrasting color, even in clothing, you tend not to get to the break-even point; there is usually one color that dominates. That’s not say fifty-fifty can’t work, but it depends on the styles. The important thing is when you’re shopping for jewelry in the DC area, don’t be afraid to think about pieces that contrast rather than go with items in your existing collection. If you can’t have fun with jewelry, there’s no point”

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