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Treasures in Pawn Shops in Northern, VA – Panerai Watches

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Even a casual observer won’t mistake a Panerai watch for anther collectible brand. A Panarei is quite distinctive. They have a large face (standard size is 44mm, 1.73 inches). They have a strap and generally a dark face. Many have an interesting crown ‘protector.’ In short, they have their own look. And their own fan base.


Panerai Pam 104


Panerai Pam 25


Panerai Ferrari


Panerai 8 Days









Early in Panerai’s history, they were the exclusive supplier to the Royal Italian Navy in the early 1900’s. The company created the first underwater military watch featuring the crown-protecting lever bridge, which protects the interior of the watch from water/moisture. (Check out the photos to see the unique lever bridge.)

The people that love Panerai (and post about it online) love the simplicity of the dial and its larger-than-life size. Panerai comes in a standard 44mm size and also a slightly smaller 40mm size. Fans characterize it as simple and elegantly designed. Panerai is a collectible brand for those who love them. Sylvester Stallone, as the story goes, bought one in 1995 to wear during the filming of Daylight, offering the mature brand some very nice mentions as he gifted some of the watches to his friends, like Arnold Swartzenegger.

Like many watch brands, people love them or they don’t. But if a Panerai speaks to you, stop by today and check them out at Vienna Jewelry. You can shop online or visit Vienna Jewelry, Maple Ave., in person. ┬áTry one on, or check any of the other great brands that Vienna has in store for you!

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