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Vienna Estate and Jewelry Collections Offer Heart Shaped Jewelry

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Often dubbed the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day motivates lovers to find jewelry gifts worthy of their unique feelings. The most romantic of motifs—hearts—come in all jewelry forms, and you can find several by shopping at pawn shops in Vienna, VA. Myriad designs ensure there’s a perfect gift of heart for daddy’s little girl, a bride of 20 years, and everyone in between.

Ladies 18ktt Diamond Heart Fashion Earrings

18kt Diamond Heart Shaped Fashion Earrings

Ladies Platinum Diamond Heart Pendant and Chain

Platinum Diamond Heart Pendant and Chain

If thinking about heart jewelry recalls gold lockets, shopping for jewelry in the DC area will show you how the shape has progressed beyond the traditional. Color—in enamel or stones—has burst onto the heart scene, giving designers flexibility with the form and allowing buyers to strike a balance between caring and committed. To step up the elegance and strengthen the statement, choose designs enhanced with pave diamond hearts or bezels, gold bars, or single center stones. Stylish accents can also come from colored diamonds, or holiday-inspired red and pink stones.

Ladies 18kwg Pave' Diamond Puffed Heart

18kt Pave Diamond Puffed Heart

18kwg Multi-Colored Sapphire Open Heart Pendant on Chain

18kt Multi-Colored Sapphire Open Heart Pendant on Chain

A more subtle use of the design is the heart-shaped stone. A variation of the brilliant cut and similar to a pear in shape, the heart-shaped stone is ultra-romantic and versatile, allowing more creative options than brilliant round cuts. Diamond earrings — already high on women’s wish lists — become intrinsically romantic when the studs are heart-shaped.
Thoughtfully chosen, a jewelry will always communicate love and joy to the wearer, and serve as a gateway to memories as precious as the piece. Browse pawn shops in Northern Virginia to select what feels right; one needn’t give a heart of gold to have one.

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