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Vienna Jewelry on Maple Ave is also Your Jewelry Repair Center

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

Though we often talk about the things you can buy in pawn shops in Northern Virginia, we don’t often remind you Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue is also where you should bring the things you’ve already bought that are in need of some loving attention. Whether it’s broken or incomplete, our experts can make it like new. We can repair prongs, mountings, settings, and shanks, as well as recut, replace, repair, and refurbish gemstones. Clasps, pearl restringing and re-knotting; replacement of clasps, hinges, and rivets; refinishing or re-plating of all precious metals; chain repair—we can do it all.

Vintage White Gold Filigree Diamond Bracelet

Vintage White Gold Filigree Diamond Bracelet

Ladies 14kyg Sapphire and Diamond Fashion Bracelet

14kyg Sapphire and Diamond Fashion Bracelet

Even if your jewelry is in perfect condition, it’s smart to have it regularly checked and cleaned every three to six months. Jewelry or rings—such as some engagement bands and eternity rings—that have small stones should be checked more frequently, while special occasion earrings, for example, may only need to be checked once a year. It’s always a good idea to bring in newly purchased estate jewelry for an inspection before you begin wearing it.

Yellow and White Gold Pave' Diamond Earrings

Yellow and White Gold Pave’ Diamond Earrings

18K White Gold and Pink Sapphire Diamond Fashion Ring

White Gold and Pink Sapphire Diamond Fashion Ring

When your repair or inspection is finished, we’ll polish your piece to its original gleam, so that you can relive the dazzling day you first got it. Regular inspection can extend the life of your jewelry because it enables us to fix loose stones, worn settings, weak clasps, or rotting strings before breakage—or worse, loss—occurs.  With proper care, your jewelry can last several lifetimes!

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