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Vienna Jewelry on Maple Ave: To Restore or Not to Restore Vintage Jewelry

Buying Jewelry in Vienna, VA? Read On!

So you’ve just inherited some vintage jewelry and you’re not sure if you should take it to a pawn shop in Northern Virginia or have it restored to wear yourself. While we at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue can help you with either option, we can also offer some advice to help you make the decision.

First, take a look at the pieces. Do you like them? If so, then it may be worth your while to replace stones, or make a pair of clip-on earrings into a pierced pair. We can also restring, change clasps, or tighten stones and prongs.


Pearl Earrings


Vintage Diamond Starburst Pendant

If you want to keep the piece but don’t care for the style, we can do some creative restyling, perhaps turn a brooch into a hair clip, or make a necklace longer or shorter, even make a necklace out of a bracelet.

In any case where alterations are made, talk to us about how this will affect the value of the piece. If you’re interested in retaining the monetary rather than sentimental value of the piece, changes could reduce it.


Amethyst and Diamond Floral Brooch


White Gold and Diamond Art Deco Ring

If you do decide to sell, we may make you an offer, or you can leave the piece on consignment. No matter what you decide, we, as a reputable pawn shop in Vienna, VA, can help you decide the future for your vintage pieces—one that works for you.

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