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Not in a hurry to sell you fine jewelry? Vienna Jewelry offers a jewelry consignment option to our clients. While consignment can often net more cash than selling outright to a jewelry buyer there is a downside, it often takes much longer. Factors such as the economy, market demand and the time of year can affect how fast your consigned jewelry will sell.

Unlike typical consignment sellers that charge fees as high as 20-50% of the selling price, at Vienna Jewelry, there are no fees. We simply determine what amount you would like for your fine jewelry, watches and diamonds and price the piece accordingly. Determining the amount you will receive is based on factors such as, your expectations, appraisal values, liquidation values and market demand. For example: Mr. Jones has a pocket watch that he expects to get $100 for. We then price the piece for retail and when it sells, Mr. Jones would receive $100. In some cases we may call to negotiate offers from our clients.

If you still have any packaging and/or paperwork that came with your jewelry please bring this in with the piece.  This could increase the value of your piece.

Appointments are not necessary but can be made. Call 703-938-0000 or email and our expert staff will be happy to make an appointment or discuss our services or products.

State and local laws require a valid government issued I.D and you must be at least 18 years old to consign any items.