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Custom Jewelry

Our state of the art design process uses Cad/Cam technology. Previously only available to large manufacturers and large design houses, Cad/Cam enables our staff to make your dreams a reality. The “cad” part of the design process enables our designers to show you a full color rendering before the “cam” process duplicates the item to exacting detail so that the end product is the best it can be.

At Vienna Jewelry we can produce a model for you to see before the piece is finalized using our state of the art Asiga Pico Printer to ensure your expectations are being met. This process enables us to save time and lower costs traditionally associated with custom jewelry manufacturing.

Once your happy with the design and approve the piece we send the model to be cast by an industry leader in precious metal casting. This ensures the integrity and quality of the piece. We then finish the piece in house and our experts insure its quality through our proven inspection process.

Appointments are not necessary but can be made. Call 703-938-0000 or email and our expert staff will be happy to make an appointment or discuss our services or products.

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