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Jewelry Repair

At Vienna Jewelry we understand your jewelry is personal and sentimental. Rest assured our jewelry repair department is professionally staffed with experienced craftsmen. State of the art equipment and education enables us to provide you with the very best service, quality and value for all your jewelry repair needs. Our state of the art Laser Welder enables our craftsmen to perform repairs on jewelry other jewelers won’t touch.

Vienna Jewelry craftsmen have over 60 years combined experience!  From the basic chain repair or ring resizing to the complicated restoration of your treasured antique jewelry, our professional gold and platinum craftsmen take pride in their work and always strive to return your item in better condition that it was received. Our expert craftsmen take great pride in their work and care for your jewelry as if it was their own.


Vienna Jewelry Repair services always include cleaning and inspection to make sure your jewelry will last a life time and beyond.  Below are just a few of our repair capabilities.

Cleaning and polishing: Let us restore that original sparkle to your cherished piece. Often all that’s needed is a thorough cleaning, but in some cases we may suggest a complete cleaning and polishing by our qualified craftsmen to restore your piece to its original, like new condition.

Ring sizing:   Our expert craftsmen can size almost any ring made of gold, silver, or platinum. Whether it’s a new ring, new to you, or just the wrong size, we can make that ring fit perfectly.

Chain repair: From simple links, to basic box chains, to more complex styles, most can be repaired. Let one of our experts inspect your piece to assure a quality repair can be made.

Clasp tightening: Bracelet and necklace clasps often require precise adjustment to insure the safety of your piece.  We also offer advice on additional safety measures for your cherished pieces such as figure 8 clasps and safety chains.

Stone tightening: The best way to ensure diamonds and gems stay in place is to have them inspected regularly by our experts. Our craftsmen can also tighten loose stones and repair or replace prongs as needed.

Shank replacement: Over time rings can begin to thin as the metal wears away, especially at the bottom and sides of the shank. Our experts can advise the best course of action including ¼, ½, and full shank replacement.

Remounts: Have a piece you inherited or would like to have updated? Our experts can guide you through the process and make suggestions to help with decision.

Restoration: Vintage, antique and inherited jewelry is often in need of partial or full restoration, and our experts are always happy to help with the project.