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Why You Need a Certificate When You Buy Diamonds at Pawn Shops in Northern Virginia

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If you wouldn’t buy a purebred animal without seeing its pedigree or a new home without a thorough inspection—and who would?—then you shouldn’t buy a diamond in a Vienna, VA pawn shop or anywhere else without a diamond certificate. Also called a diamond grading report or diamond dossier, the diamond certificate is a detailed report on a diamond’s characteristics as determined by a certified gemologist from a reputable laboratory.

Most diamond buyers are familiar enough with the four Cs—color, clarity, cut, and carat weight—and how they affect a diamond’s value. But a diamond certificate goes far beyond those, offering a plotted diagram of a stone, and describing the diamond’s exact shape, measurements, proportions, depth, symmetry, polish, cut grade, and flaws. While a diamond grading certificate does not establish the diamond’s monetary value, it gives an appraiser the standardized, scientific criteria needed to do so.


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Diamond Certificate

Since most diamond buyers don’t understand the significance of terms like girdle thickness, table depth, culet or fluorescence, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with your Vienna, VA jewelry seller to go over the diamond certificate. He can explain to you what each item means and how it is reflected in your own stone. It’s a great education that will allow you to make future purchases with greater confidence.

A diamond certificate is not free. Lab fees begin at about $75 for the first carat, and increase proportionate to the size of the diamond. So why add to the cost of an already expensive diamond by getting one? True, a certificate doesn’t increase the value of your diamond, but it does assure you – or perhaps future buyers — of its authenticity and quality. As such, many insurers require a grading report before issuing coverage.


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The certificate also identifies any special characteristics your diamond has, which can be helpful in recovery or replacement if it is stolen.  In truth, with smaller stones, many people bypass the grading report. But knowing about diamond certificates and the information they provide allows you to comparison shop in a way that uneducated consumers cannot. When you buy jewelry at Vienna Jewelry on Maple Avenue, we can help.

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